Over the course of the CATSMI project, researchers have produced a range of papers on the intersection of social networking, privacy, government access to networks’ data, and how proposed lawful access legislation could affect the existing status quo. All of our publicly available papers are available, below, as either pre-print or finished print versions.

C. Bennett, C. Parsons, and A. Molnar. (2013). "Real and Substantial Connections: Enforcing Canadian Privacy Laws Against American Social Networking Companies," Social Sciences Research Network. Published February 28, 2013.

C. Bennett, C. Parsons, and A. Molnar. (2013). "Forgetting, Non-Forgetting and Quasi-Forgetting in Social Networking: Canadian Policy and Corporate Practice," prepared for Computers, Privacy and Data Protection: Reloading Data Protection. Published January 28, 2013.