We posed these questions to Nexopia:


Can you permanently delete information that you previously provided?

Yes. Individuals can request that Nexopia delete their PI from Nexopia system and records. However, due to technical constraints and the fact that Nexopia backs up its system, personal information may continue to reside in Nexopia’s systems after deletion. Consequently, you should not expect that your personal information would be completely removed from Nexopia systems in response to an accepted request for deletion.


Does the privacy policy involve self-regulation or a seal of approval?



Does the site make commitments to keeping your personally identifiable information (PII) secure?

Sort of. Nexopia uses physical and electronic precautions to protect member personal information. The company cannot guarantee the absolute security of PII due to actions of other members with whom you share information, and factors such as unauthorized third party entry or use, or hardware or software failure.

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